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“(…) An absolute and unexpected solo of Marco Oliveira, whose vocalization was very impressive, before the devout silence of the audience (…)


Nuno Pacheco “Publico”, December 17h 2016



Marco Oliveira was born on January 24th 1988 in Lisbon.

The young artist started to sing in public with only 9 years old. One year later, he won the first Juvenile prize in “Grande Noite de Fado” at Coliseu de Lisboa and in 2004 won it again, but in the Seniors Category, at Teatro São Luiz.

Oliveira is one of the most representatives fadistas of his generation, moving between fado and other popular urban music universes, in a rare versatility: besides interpreter, he is a poet, composer and musician.

In 2008 his first album “Retrato” was released and since then he has collaborated in many international musical projects in Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Vilnius and Prague.

Marco Oliveira’s second studio album, “Amor é Água que Corre” can be heard as a conceptual work, in which music and words blend together to tell one simple love story, alike any other love story – with its moments of passion and jealousy, dazzling and despair, dreams and disappointments, crossroads and good-byes.

We can see it like a puzzle, where each original poem and song find its perfect fit with versions of some of the greatest traditional composers of Lisbon’s musical history, in a fully magical way.
Recorded at Namouche Studios by Joaquim Monte, in core partnership with Ricardo Parreira (music producer and Portuguese guitar) and João Penedo (Double Bass), “Amor é Água que Corre” is presented as a singer-songwriter’s album, in which Marco Oliveira excels as a musician (Guitar), interpreter and composer.
Distinct and acclaimed figures of the Fado universe appear as special guests: António Rocha (“Disfarce”), José Elmiro Nunes (Guitar) and the outstanding Portuguese Guitar player Ricardo Rocha, who also composed the melodies for “Fado da Madre de Deus”.
Other special appearances include Ciro Bertini (Piano), Otto Pereira (Violin), and Portuguese composer Tiago Derriça.

Above all, “Amor é Água que Corre” is a genuinely urban record, infused with traditional Portuguese ambience and character, proving that the art of songwriting can be fresh and continually renewed.

Paris (Festival de l’Imaginaire), Riga (Riga Jazz Stage), Gdansk (Siesta Festival) or London (Songlines Fado Series) are some of the recent memories from Oliveira’s international acts.

On March 13th, the singer-songwriter presented “The Enchanting soul of Lisbon streets” at Teatro São Luiz in Lisboa.

Marco Oliveira was one of the international artists of AME – Atlantic Music Expo – on April 2018 in Praia (Cape Verde).

“Ruas e Memórias” (Streets and Memories) is the third album released in 2021 by Sony Music.
This album remains as the last studio prodution by José Mário Branco.





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