DATE: March 11, 2016
TIME: 9:00 pm
LOCATION: Belgrado, Sérvia
VENUE: Guitar Art Festival, Belgrado
Com Que Voz – XVII International Guitar Festival, Belgrado March 11, 2016

Ao Vivo em Belgrado com o Projecto “Com Que Voz”, com Ricardo Parreira e Vânia Conde:


Ricardo Parreira Fado Trio –  Ricardo Parreira | Vania Conde | Marco Oliveira. Ricardo Parreira was born twenty-five years ago in Portugal, in a family close to fado and Portuguese guitar, as a son ofAntónio Parreira, a teacher at the Fado Museum School. He started his musical education with his father, and continued at the Portuguese National Conservatory of Music. In addition to his solo career, he has appeared as a guest musician with some of the most famous interpreters of fado and Portuguese traditional music. He has also worked with the Italian musician Vinicio Capossela, with whom he played at his live concerts in Portugal and worked on his most recent album. Ricardo’s first album – Nas Veias de uma Guitarra – Tributo a Fernando Alvim – is considered to be one of the most important recordings of the great composers in the history of the Portuguese guitar in recent years.“CANCIONÁRIO” is his new album which features guest vocals, bass guitar, and percussion. The majority of the songs are original compositions. Ricardo has invited Vânia Conde, and Marco Oliveira to perform as guests on some of the songs.

Vânia Conde was born in Caldas da Rainha. When she was a child, she used to sing at home, but it was only during her studies, that a passion for singing touched her deeply, and she started singing during fado nights. She began to receive invitations from musicians such as guitarist Paulo Parreira and Aramac, which led to her regular singing in fado houses in Lisbon. She is currently participating in the project “Cancionário” of the young guitarist Ricardo Parreira.

Marco Oliveira is a fado musicians from Portugal. He is not only an interpreter, but also a composer. He belongs to the new wave of Fado viola players. As a child, he was surrounded by fado music. He studied a classical guitar at the Portuguese National Conservatory of Music and at the same time, he was constantly learning from the Great Lisbon Fado school by listening the most important fado singers of all generations. He has published his debut album “Retrato” (Portrait). 

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